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Nubello Aesthetics is one of the renowned acne treatment clinic in Mumbai providing a wide range of acne treatments. We have been in the acne treatment industry for the last 8 years and if you are looking for acne scar treatment in Mumbai, then you are in the right place. Understanding what is Acne? The severities and treatment will give you a clear picture on how Nubello is different from other aesthetic clinics and how we offer the best acne treatment in Mumbai.

Understanding, What is Acne?

Acne Laser Treatment Clinic In Navi Mumbai

Acne is a skin ailment that usually starts during the puberty period of men and women. Usually, it is characterized by possible scarring, whiteheads, blackheads, pustules also called as pimples, papules, cysts, nodules, utter greasy skin, and acne red marks. The scars by acne lead to depression in teens and youth, which also reduces the self-esteem and confidence in the person. So, what causes acne?

It is observed that acne is caused by genetic reasons in more than 70% of individuals. Along with genes, hormonal imbalance, oily skin, stress, unhealthy eating habits, environmental reasons, medications, and allergies, all of these contribute to acne. For example, a contraceptive pill can cause acne due to its side effects. Though acne is very common in the western part of the globe, the problem is slowly shifting and moving to India. In India, these days both men and women are facing acne issues due to stress, hormonal imbalance, and weather.

Acne Severity, Types, and Acne Treatment at Nubello Clinic

Acne is different for each person. And this is because of the cause, type, stages, and severity of acne. Knowing about the acne type, stage, and severity will help us determine the best and most customized acne treatment for the skin.

To determine the severity of acne, our dermatologist does a simple visual inspection of the skin and uses grade (1 through 4, with 1 being the mildest acne and 4 being the most severe acne). This can be simply put - mild, moderate and severe acne.

Acne Severity

  • Mild Acne: If the breakouts or acne are few and minor with some blackheads, and few inflamed pimples here and there then it is categorized as mild acne. In this case, the acne isn't widespread. At this stage, the acne is treated with simple acne products. It is best to treat acne early.
  • Moderate Acne: In this stage, the acne is more noticeable. The individual may have bumpy skin, blackheads, with inflamed papules and pustules. These will not be cured with simple acne products or home remedies. Strong prescribed medications are needed to clear up moderate acne.
  • Severe Acne: In this stage, the acne causes inflammation. They are large, red and swollen and immediate dermatologist consultation is required to heal the breakouts.

The Different Types of Acne

Along with acne severity, there are different types of acne to be dealt with. Nubello specializes in treating these types of acne:

  1. Acne Vulgaris
  2. Comedonal Acne
  3. Cystic Acne
  4. Nodular Acne
  5. Acne Rosacea
  6. Acne Mechanica
  7. Acne Cosmetica
  8. Excoriated Acne

Conditions similar to Acne:

Acne Dark Spot Treatment In Navi Mumbai

Pimples are not caused by acne alone. There are many other skin problems that cause pimples, red bumps, blackheads, and whiteheads on the skin. If the acne appears in other body parts like armpits, scalp, hands or feet, legs, stomach, or pubic area, then the condition is severe and it isn't acne vulgaris. These are the acne zone: face, neck, back, shoulders, and buttocks. In case the acne is seen in acne zone and if you are not sure of what it is, it is better to make an appointment.

Various Acne Treatments at Nubello

  1. Laser Treatment: The laser treatment for acne includes non-ablative or ablative lasers. The non-ablative laser treatment delivers heat into the skin, which causes a change in dermal collagen and thus remodels the acne scar. The ablation laser treatment is used for treating deeper scars. This process involves destructing the design of the epidermis up to a critical level and causing dermal collagen remodeling. Nubello expertise in laser acne treatment and we have experienced and the best doctor for acne treatment in Mumbai.
  2. Dermarollers and Cryorollers for shallow acne scar treatment. Nubello has been striving to provide the best acne scar removal treatment in Mumbai along with laser acne treatment.
  3. Chemical peel off: This treatment also known as chemabrasion and chemexfoliation. In this caustic chemical or acid is used to remove the outer layer of the skin. A solution of different chemicals is applied to the acne-prone area - the face, neck, or hands, causing a layer of skin to peel off.
  4. Microdermabrasion: In this acne treatment, the uneven outer layer of the skin is removed, along with vacuuming the dead cells, which leaves a smoother skin. This process also improves the growth of healthier cells. It involves spraying of abrasive crystals on the face to remove dead epidermal cells.
  5. Universalis Acne Program. This treatment is custom made acne treatment where the dermatologist meets the patient and suggests the treatment according to the skin condition. There are also options of a combination of dermal and skin peels with services and creams which helps in neutralizing acne. The next step is to improve the skin and face and get the glow back to the way it was. Medications related to acne are also recommended as certain skin types react and get accustomed to medications rather than creams and dermal peels. Special diets are recommended as people affected by acne are advised to go on a diet to see rapid and effective results which can surprise themselves. Acne treatment for men and women is differentiated just on the basis of skin type and diet.

Why Choose Nubello Aesthetics for Acne Treatment?

Nubello Aesthetics incorporates the best acne treatments in Mumbai carried out by experts and professionals with certifications from international skin authorities. Nubello has made its name and fame in Navi Mumbai area and the acne treatment in Mumbai is gaining influence and popularity due to its far-spreading effects and unbelievable results. We, at Nubello are striving to make a reputation by offering the best, customized and personalised acne treatment in Mumbai.

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Acne Black Dark Spot Treatment In Navi Mumbai
Acne Black Dark Spot Treatment In Navi Mumbai
Acne Black Dark Spot Treatment In Navi Mumbai
Acne Black Dark Spot Treatment In Navi Mumbai

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