Arm Lift Surgery Cost And Treatment In Rabale

What is arm lift surgery?
Arm lift surgery is commonly referred to as Brachioplasty, it is a surgical procedure which
1. Reduces excess sagged skin hanging from the arm.
2. Tightens and smoothens the underlying supportive skin that defines the shape of the upper arm.
3. Reduction in fat pockets from the underarm.
Fluctuations in weight, hereditary issues, and the process aging cause upper arms to have drooping, sagging appearance. Arm lift surgery or Brachioplasty is a procedure that can be used to correct these problems.

Reasons to undergo arm lift surgery:
1. Reducing of fat pockets from in and around arm region.
2. Sagging of skin due to rapid weight loss.
3. To obtain slimmer arms.
4. Aging.
5. To look better on the aesthetic side.

Arm lift surgery procedure:
1. Firstly anesthesia is administered.
2. Incisions are made on the back of the arm or inside. The location of incision depends entirely upon the requirement of the procedure. For minor arm lift incision is made at the underarm, for a major-arm lift incision is made from the elbow to the armpit and into the side of the chest for the better results.
3. Excess fat is removed by liposuction through the incisions made.
4. After the fat is removed by liposuction and closed through proper sutures the sagged skin is made tight.
5. Post care advice and recommendations are given to the patients by the doctors.

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