Biofiber/Artificial Hair Transplant Treatment Rabale

What Is Bio Fiber Hair Transplant Treatment?

Bio Fiber hair transplant treatment is a method of hair transplant in which artificially created bio-fibers are implanted on the patient’s head. This type of hair transplant treatment is used in exceptional cases where there is no donor hair available or the quality, density of hair is poor. This is one of the most advanced treatments available with various benefits such as:

  1. Zero reliance on donor’s hair.
  2. Non-binding treatment as the treatment can be stopped as and when required.
  3. Fibers can be extracted back if suitability of fibers is not met and also it does not leave any scars behind.

Procedure of bio fiber hair Transplant Treatment-

The procedure for bio fiber hair transplant treatment starts with the consultation with the specialist doctors. They will examine the patient on the basis of the case of the patient and will recommend bio fiber hair transplant if it is required. The bio fibers are transplanted on the bald region and instant results are obtained.

Steps of bio fiber hair transplant-

  1. First of all the patient is analyzed for his/her situation to see the requirement of bio fiber hair transplant.
  2. Photographs are taken in order to analyze postoperative results.
  3. Identification of bald region is done.
  4. The doctors first test the suitability by inserting about 100 fibers in the scalp.
  5. Transplantation of bio fibers is done under expert supervision.
  6. Immediate results can be seen due to use of artificial hairs.

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