Butt Enhancement and Butt Surgery Treatment In Rabale

What is Butt Surgery?
Butt implant or butt surgery is the process by which the appearance, shape, and size of buttocks are enhanced. It involves insertion of artificial body implants into the patient’s buttocks to create a more shape enhanced and appealing buttock.

Reasons to Undergo Butt Surgery Treatment:

To enhance the size of the buttocks for an appealing appearance.
2. Clothes do not fit properly.
3. Sagging of buttocks due to weight loss.
4. For perfect symmetry.
5. Improve body contours.

Butt Surgery Treatment Types:
There are two ways in which butt surgery can be done:
1. Buttocks implant surgery: This involves insertion of implants into the buttocks to improve their appearance.
2. Brazilian butt lift surgery: Injection of fat into the buttocks by obtaining fat through liposuction from other parts of the body.

Procedure for Butt Surgery:

  • First and foremost, anesthesia is given to the patient to avoid pain and discomfort.
  • The surgeon makes the incision on the crease of the buttocks or on the top of both sides of the buttocks.
  • Finally, the implants are placed into the pockets which are made in the buttocks below gluteal muscles.
  • After proper placement of the implants, the incisions are eventually closed by the surgeon with a suture.
  • Post butt surgery consultations and advice are given to the patient.

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