Chin And Cheek Augmentation In Rabale

What is Chin And cheek augmentation?
chin and cheek augmentation is usually reshaping of chin and cheeks through surgical procedures. Chin and cheek implants are used usually to as fillers to reshape them. Chin augmentation is a frequently performed procedure to help balance a face with a weak or recessive chin whereas cheek augmentation is used to provide a proper symmetry and balanced to the face.

Causes for chin and cheek augmentation:
1. Chin and cheek implants are specifically given to individuals to increase the volume and contour and make it more appealing.
2. To improve the structure of the chin
3. To reshape and give volume to a smaller chin.
4. To boost one’s confidence
5. To look natural and appealing
6. To improve flat cheeks
7. To give a youthful appearance
8. To improve and perfect the symmetry of the face

Types of chin and cheek implants:
1. For and chin and cheek implants:
a. Inject able fillers: fillers are placed in chin and cheek to improve their volumes, fullness, and contour.
b. Fat injections: Injection of fat in the chin and cheek region.

  1. For cheek implants: For cheek implants malar, submalar, and combination of malar, submalar implants can be used. Malar are used for high projection and placed on the cheekbones. Submalar is placed in cheeks. The combination of both gives perfect appearance to both cheeks and cheekbones.

    Procedure for chin and cheek implants:
    1. First and foremost, anesthesia is given to the patient to avoid pain and discomfort.
    2. Surgeon makes the incision just beneath the chin however in case of cheek implantation; the surgeon makes incisions inside the mouth where the gums and lips meet and below the eyelashes. After which a pocket for placement of the implant is created to where the implant is inserted.
    3. Once the implant is inserted it is placed into a fit pocket or into a soft tissue for a perfect chin.
    4. After proper placement of the implants, the incisions are eventually closed by the surgeon with a good stitch. After care recommendations and advice are given to the patient with proper supervision of specialist.

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