Follicular Unit Transplantation(FUT) Treatment In Rabale

What Is FUT?

FUT is commonly referred to as Follicular Unit Treatment. It is one of the most common techniques which is used for hair transplant for people suffering from hair loss. This treatment is also called as strip surgery as an entire patch of tissue strip is removed. This treatment is ideal for people whose large part of the scalp has gone hair deficient.

Procedure of FUT –
In FUT, the entire donor area is stripped off of the donor hair tissues. This stripping or dissection of hair
is done under microscopic focus. The area from which dissection takes place is then stitched which results in permanent scars. The main objective of Follicular Unit Transplantation is to take hair from donor site and transfer it to the recipient site.

Steps of FUT treatment –
1.  First of all the patient is analyzed for his/her situation to see the extent of the baldness.
2.  Photographs of the entire scalp region is taken in order to analyze postoperative results.
3.  Identification of donor and recipient area is done.
4. Administration of local anesthesia is done to ease the pain.
5. Slits are made on recipient area to place the grafts.
6. Strips of hair are removed from the donor area.
7. Dissection of graft from the strip is done under the supervision of microscope.
8. Dissected grafts are then implanted into the recipient area.

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