Hair Loss Treatment For Cancer Patient In Rabale

What is Hair Loss with cancer?
Hair loss is the world’s most commonly occurring problems. Hair loss can be caused due to various reasons and cancer is one of them. The usage of drugs to treat cancer has gained momentum due to a positive stronghold of researchers and doctors who have gained major recognition in discovering drugs to beat cancer. Although cancer does not cause hair loss directly it’s the medication (chemotherapy) and it’s side effects that cause hair loss.

Causes for hair loss due to cancer (Chemotherapy):
Hair loss due to cancer is mainly caused due to side effects of chemotherapy drugs. Chemotherapy drugs are made up of powerful compounds that eliminate cancer cells. But at the same time, these drugs also target other growing cells of the body including those in the roots of the hair.Chemotherapy may also cause hair loss all over the body and not just on the scalp. Sometimes eyelash, eyebrows, armpit also suffer hair loss due to side effects of cancer medication. 

Treatments for hair loss with cancer:
1. Get proper medication.
2. Use of shorter hair style.
3. Taking care of skin.
4. Rest easy.
5. Cover up hair when going outside.

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