Lips Surgery And Lips Treatment In Rabale

What is Lip treatment procedure?
Lip treatment procedure is one of the most common procedures which is used to modify the appearance of the lips. Lip treatment procedure is also called as lip augmentation procedure which can give plumper, fuller lips. Inject able dermal fillers are the most commonly used methods for the lip treatment. With the help of injectables size and fullness of lips can be increased or decreased for its size and fullness.

Reasons to undergo dimple creation surgery:
1. Improve size of lips.
2. The symmetry of lips.
3. Looks and appearance.
4. To hide scars.

Type of fillers used for lip treatment procedure:
1. Dermal fillers.
2. Fat injections.
3. Hyaluronic acid fillers.
4. Collagen fillers.

Procedure for lip treatment:
1. Before the lip treatment commences, cleaning of lips is done.
2. A numbing cream is applied onto the lips for a painless and comforting surgery. Depending upon the comfort level of pain acceptance the cream is applied.
3. Fillers in small amounts are injected in and around the lips as per the requirement of the augmentation procedure and depending upon the required shape.
4. Once the fillers are injected massaging of the lips is done to give it a proper shape and size.
5. Post care advice is given to the patient once the procedure is done.

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