Long Hair Transplant(LHT) Treatment In Rabale

What Is Long Hair Transplant(LHT)?
LHT is referred to as Long Hair Transplant. In Long Hair Transplant (LHT) treatment the hair follicles are not clipped off but the length of the hair is kept as it is. In this treatment, the immediate effect can be seen due to retention of hair follicles in their exact form. This type of treatment is suitable for people who wish to see the results as early as possible or if they have important ceremonies such as marriage etc to attend. This kind of treatment is difficult to execute as it demands precision, skill and expertise.

Procedure of Long Hair Transplant
The procedure of LHT starts off with FUT treatment. Incisions are made at the recipient area so as to place the stripped hair follicles. The hair follicles from the donor area are kept at their original length.

Instant results are obtained as the length of hair is kept as it is.

Steps of Long Hair Transplant treatment –

  1. First of all the patient is analyzed for his/her situation to see the extent of the baldness.
    2. Photographs of the entire scalp region is taken in order to analyze postoperative results.
    3.  Identification of donor and recipient area is done.
    4. Administration of local anesthesia is done to ease the pain.
    5. FUT procedure is performed on the patient.
    6. Only the length of the hair grafts is kept as it is to give the feel of long hair.
    7. Post care and after care guidance is given by the doctor.

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