Neck Plastic Surgery And Treatment In Rabale

What is Neck Lift Surgery?
A neck lift surgery takes care of wrinkles and addresses sagging of the skin caused due to aging or weight loss. This procedure removes excess skin, improves contours of the jawline and tightens underlying muscles. This process not only removes excess skin and fat tissues surrounding the neck but also gives appealing looks which are found appealing.

Reasons to Undergo Neck Lift Surgery:
1. Aging
2. Rapid weight loss.
3. Disease and medical problems.
4. Turkey wattle neck.
5. Excess fats under jaws and neck.

Type of treatment for neck lift surgery:

  1. Liposuction to remove excess fat.
  2. Cervicoplasty to remove excess skin.
  3. Platysmaplasty to remove unwanted band lines.

Procedure for Neck Lift Surgery Treatment:
1. Firstly administration of general anesthesia is done to the patient.
2. Incisions are made over the hairline at the sideburns, beneath the chin, and around the ears as per face structure and symmetry.
3. Then the neck lift surgeon then removes the excess fat from underneath the skin and tightens the muscles to make it firm and tight.
4. After the procedure is done incisions are closed with proper sutures.
5. Post care advice and recommendations are given by the doctors once the neck lift surgery is done.

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