Premature Grey Hair Treatment In Andheri

Where to find the Best Premature Grey Hair Treatment In Andheri?

Looking for Premature Grey Hair Treatment In Andheri? To begin with, understand what is premature greying of hair and the different treatments used by hair clinics in Mumbai.

What Is Premature Greying of Hair?

Grey hair is becoming common nowadays. No one is able to get rid of grey hair. With time hair loses its colour. Though the process of greying of hair is natural, these days it is becoming more common in teenagers. This occurrence is increasing at an alarming rate. 30 years ago, people used to have grey hairs post 50 years. However, these days it has become very common. Starting at the age of 15, boys and girls are getting grey hairs. This phenomenon of untimely greying of hair is called premature grey hair. Because of the demand to cover up grey hairs, people are looking for premature grey hair treatments. Nubello Aesthetics is one of the famous hair clinics in Mumbai, providing best premature greying of hair treatment.

What Causes for Premature Grey Hair

Melanocyte, this cell produces melanin, the pigment that gives distinctive colours to skin, hair, and eyes. Each hair follicles contains these melanocytes, thus this pigment provides colour to the growing hair. The case where these melanocytes die, hair loses its colour and turns grey. Although greying of hair is a natural process, the premature greying of hair is related to:

1. Genetics: Family history of grey hair leads to having premature grey hair. If the parents suffered from premature greying, children getting premature grey hair is common.
2. Vitamins and minerals:
Vitamin, B12, and Zinc are responsible for proper nourishment of hair. These nutrients give hair natural black colour, growth and good density. Lack of vitamin C & E leads to premature greying of hair.
3. Smoking:
Excessive smoking leads to premature greying of hair. Smoking leads to free radicals in the body. This leads to oxidation and stress, thus decreases pigmentation capacity.
4. Hair Colouring and Damage:
Excessive hair colouring leads to deposition of AGE’s (Advanced Glycation End-products). This accelerates hair ageing and results in premature grey hair.

Premature Grey Hair Treatment:

Certain precautions such as avoiding direct exposure to sunlight, use of antioxidants and intake of zinc and copper-rich foods will certainly help tackle premature greying. Also refraining from unhealthy habits such as smoking will also help. Natural remedies can also prevent premature greying of hair. Natural herbs can also help fight premature greying. Kinds of seafood are a rich source of iodine, zinc, and copper. These are the basic suggestions to prevent premature greying of hair. Basically, Nubello Aesthetics provides solutions to reverse greying hair. In fact, Nubello provides the best Premature Grey Hair Treatment in Andheri. Here is the procedure.

Procedure for Premature Grey Hair Treatment:

Firstly, the patient is checked for all the causes. And based on them, the doctor provides the best possible custom solution. This solution not only helps in recovering the natural hair colour but also improve the present hair condition.
One of the many solutions includes advance PRP therapy. In this, a solution is prepared by mixing the plasma with one of the natural formulae. This forms a whole new solution and then is injected to the affected regions. The solution gives result in 30-40 days from the day of treatment.

Best Hair Clinic for Premature Grey Hair Treatment in Andheri:

Get the best premature grey hair treatment In Andheri at Nubello Aesthetics. It is one of the top hair clinics in Kharghar and Andheri. In fact, in 8+ years, Nubello has been providing hair loss solutions to more than 10K happy clients. In fact, Nubello is one of the best premature grey hair treatment in Mumbai.

Why Nubello Aesthetics?

  • Multiple reputed specialist doctors with 10+ years of experience.
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  • Above all a customized approach to every patient.

Best Doctor for Premature Grey Hair Treatment in Andheri:

Nubello has the best dermatologist in Mumbai, providing the best premature grey hair treatment in Andheri for women and men. And at Nubello, indeed the doctors provide a customized treatment. In addition, the treatments are as per the needs of the patient. With state of art technology types of equipment, Nubello makes the entire process of hair treatment even more easy and comfortable. Finance option for loans and EMI are available for all the patients.

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