Surgical And Non Surgical Vaginal Tightening Treatment In Rabale

What is vaginal tightening surgery?
Vaginal tightening surgery or commonly referred to as vaginoplasty is a medical procedure that is used to tighten up the vagina that’s become slack or loose from vaginal childbirth or aging. It aims to tighten the vaginal pelvic muscles to maintain the elasticity so that it could contract and expand during urination.

Reasons to do vaginal tightening surgery:

  1. Vaginal loosening.
  2. Defects due to hormonal changes.
  3. Unpleasant sex life.
  4. Bowel movement issues.

Types of vaginal tightening surgery:

1. Vaginoplasty: Vaginoplasty refers to the surgery carried out on the vagina.
2. Labiaplasty: Labiaplasty refers to the plastic surgery carried out on the labia or commonly known as lips surrounding the labia and can be carried out along with vaginoplasty.

Vaginal tightening surgery procedure:
1. First of all numbing cream is applied on vagina so as to reduce the pain.
2. After this procedure laser is put into the vagina at a certain wavelength which induces the production and growth of collagen.
3. After the laser is applied the vulva of vagina becomes tightened
4. Another method is through labiaplasty surgery where alterations are made in the inner labia and outer labia through plastic surgery procedure.
5. After the procedure is completed post care recommendations are given by the doctors.

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