Treatments for Excessive Or Unwanted Hairiness in Women(Hirsutism) In Rabale

What Is Hirsutism?
Hirsutism is a condition wherein abnormal hair growth occurs in females. Abnormal in the sense that hair grows on those parts of the body of women such as chin, chest, upper lip etc where hair is not expected to grow.

Causes of Hirsutism-
The cause of hirsutism is primarily due to factors such as genes, hormones or medication.

Genes: Sometimes Hirsutism runs in families’ i.e it is a genetic disorder. Females from Middle Eastern, Asian and Mediterranean countries are most affected by hirsutism.

Hormones: In many conditions, Hirsutism is most likely linked to high level of male hormones called androgens. Some amount of androgen is normally present in females but when the amounts are high it can cause hirsutism and other things.

Medication: some medicines can change the hormone levels in the system due to which unwanted hair growth can take place.

Treatment of hirsutism-
Treatment for Hirsutism can be taken care of by doing simple things like hair removal by waxing, use of hair removal creams and shaving. But the best solution is to try expert advice as factors such as mediation is also involved.

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