"I first learned how to do hair from drag queens. I learned eyelashes are the key to life, because they make everyone look fabulous."
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Eyelash Transplant Treatment

Fun Fact : The longest eyelash ever to be on a person's eye was about 2.75 inches long

Eyelash is one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to facial symmetry and looks of oneself. An uneven eyelash disturbs the entire face symmetry making the face less attractive and unpleasant. Eyelash implant is transplanting additional eyelashes or sufficient eyelashes to make the eyelash of a person look complete and perfect. It is considered as one of the most difficult surgeries performed in the cosmetics industry. The donor hair usually is taken from the scalp of the individual to maintain uniformity and unique identity.


NU Vantage Points on Eyelash Transplant Treatment:

About 60-70 eyelashes are usually transplanted for a single eye.

The length of the eyelash varies from side to the middle.

Hair transplanted for eyelash grow faster than a normal eyelash, so it requires regular trimming

Fun fact: eyelash styling dates back to 4000BC when people styled them using various oils to make them look desirable and perfect.

eye lash transplantation procedure

Cause of Absence of Eyelash & why Eyelash Transplant Treatment is done

eye lash transplantation causes and effects

Medical or other Trauma

Surgical treatments


Accidents (beauty treatments)

Congenital condition

Eyelash Transplantation Procedure :

The doctor has a face to face meeting with the patient and understands the problem from him/her regarding Eyelash Transplant. After proper examination, the surgeon gives recommendations and suggestions as per the case.
An oral sedative is given to the patient to make sure the patient feel as much less pain as possible during the Eyelash Transplant treatment. First and foremost, placement of 25 to 50 hairs into each upper eyelid is done using precise judgment. Once the upper lid is done, the specialist proceeds to the next eyelash. The process is pain free and result oriented.
Once the Eyelash Transplant procedure is completed; there might be tiny crusts around each transplanted hair. Some mild swelling is normal. After 3-5 days post treatment the pinkness over the lash fades away. The transplanted hair falls off after 15 days and new hair starts to grow at round 3 months and continues to do so for lifetime.
eye lash transplantation surgery

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