Female Pattern Baldness Treatment In Naigaon

Hair loss in females mostly does not lead to baldness. However, in some cases, it’s true. If you or your dear ones looking for female pattern baldness treatment in Naigaon, then you are in the right place. However, if you want to know about female pattern hair loss treatment. Then, we’ve listed the information below that may help you with your research.

What is Female Pattern Baldness?

Female pattern baldness is a distinct form of baldness. The medical name for the condition is androgenetic alopecia. Although both men and women may experience hair loss, the pattern in which women lose hair is completely different from males. In male-pattern baldness, men who have prominent hair loss tend to develop a receding hairline and bald spots on the specific area of their scalp. Women with female pattern baldness usually experience hair thinning, which affects the volume of their hair.

In women, the first signs of female pattern baldness may be a widening part or a feeling that the hair does not feel as thick as usual and lost its volume. Although the scalp may be visible, the hairline usually does not recede and does not create bald spots like in men. In fact, around 40% of women by the age of 50 show signs of female pattern baldness and less than 45% of women reach the age of 80 with full hair.

Reasons for Female Pattern Baldness

  • Genetics

Genetics appears to be the most significant factor in developing female pattern baldness. Which means it runs in families from generation to generation. Women can inherit the gene for baldness from either parent.

  • Age Factor

Middle age women are more tend to female pattern baldness, although it can begin at an early age too.

  • Hormones

It often develops after menopause. As you know, hormonal changes are common after menopause. Thus hormones are contributing factors for hair loss.

Androgen is a hormone that plays a role in pattern baldness. Tumours of the pituitary gland or ovary, which secrete androgen, may also lead to hair loss. And at Nubello Aesthetics, the surgeons identify the root cause and offer the best female pattern baldness treatment in Mumbai.

Best Female Pattern Baldness Treatment in Naigaon

The type of treatment may depend on the extent of hair loss, in addition to other factors. Treatment for female pattern hair loss can help prevent future hair fall and may result in regrowth of some hair. Long-term treatment is needed to prevent hair loss from recurring.

Oral Medication

One of the most common oral medications used to treat female pattern baldness is spironolactone, which is a diuretic. Diuretics remove excess water from the body. The medication may also block the production of androgen, which may prevent hair loss and help hair regrow. Spironolactone can cause side effects, such as dry mouth, nausea, and dizziness. Women who are pregnant should not take spironolactone due to the possibility that it might cause congenital disabilities.


Minoxidil is a topical medication that is used to treat hair fall problem in both men and women. This over the counter treatment on the scalp every day may stimulate hair follicles to hair growth. And also may prevent further hair thinning. Minoxidil can take 6 months to one year to produce visible results and may not work for everyone. Hair loss may or may not return back after a person stops using the product.

Hair Transplant

Some women may choose to have a hair transplant. There are various techniques to perform hair transplantation. Usually, hair loss affects only some areas of the scalp. During a hair transplant, a doctor removes hair from an area with healthy hair growth and transplants it to another bald spot or balding spot. The area from which the doctor transplants the hair usually remains unaffected by hair loss. This hair transplant surgery takes several hours. And it totally depends upon the number of hair to be transplanted. This procedure needs local anaesthesia.

Laser Treatment

Some people may go for laser treatment for hair loss. In these techniques, low levels of laser light are used to stimulate hair regrowth.

Other Options

If low iron is contributing to your hair loss, your doctor might prescribe an iron supplement.  Other supplements, such as biotin and folic acid, are also promoted to thicken hair. One study did show that women developed thicker hair after taking omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids, and antioxidants. Platelet-rich plasma therapy may also be beneficial. This involves drawing your blood, spinning it down, then injecting your own platelets back into your scalp to stimulate hair growth. Laser combs and helmets are FDA-approved to treat hair loss. They use light energy to stimulate hair growth.

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