FUT Hair Transplant In Vasai Road

Where to find the best FUT Hair Transplant in Vasai Road?

Looking for Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT Hair Transplant In Vasai Road? To begin with, understand what is FUT hair transplant and its procedure.

What Is FUT Hair Transplant?

FUT known as Follicular Unit Transplant is one of the most common hair transplant techniques. In fact, an alternated for people suffering from hair loss. FUT hair transplantation method requires the extraction of a set of hair strands in the form of a strip of the donor area with the aid of a surgical blade. Thus, this method is identified as a strip hair transplant. Nubello Aesthetics has been in the hair transplant industry for more than 8+ years. And provides the best FUT Hair Transplant in Vasai Road. Learn the procedure for Follicular Unit Transplant or FUT Hair Transplant, for better understanding.

The procedure of Follicular Unit Transplantation(FUT)

In FUT hair transplant, the entire donor area is stripped off of the donor hair tissues. In fact, this stripping or dissection of hair is done under microscopic focus. This donor area is the scalp region where the loss of hair is limited, hair thickness is more and hair regrowth prospects are high. However, this donor region is usually the back of the head and sides of the head. Single hair grafts are extracted from the hair strip. The surgeon plants these hair grafts on the bald section. Indeed, this process leaves a scar from the donor area. One of the most experienced FUT hair transplant in Andheri is Nubello Aesthetic. At Nubello, this FUT hair transplant scar is temporary and the surgeon performs surgery with soluble stitches. This helps hair to regrow through the stitches. Thus the FUT hair transplant scar gets invisible.

Steps of FUT Treatment

1. The doctors analyse the scalp and bald region of the patient. In addition, the doctors use photographs of the entire scalp regions for post-operative analysis.
2. The surgeon identifies the donor and recipient area.
3. On the scalp, in the bald region, the doctor anaesthetizes the region.
4. The surgeon removes a strip of your hair tissues. And furthermore, the surgeon divides the hair strip into individual follicular units. This process requires a precise microscopic dissection.
5. Further, the surgeon drills minuscule holes on the bald region and inserts the hair follicular units.
6. Later, after surgery, the surgeon applies a disinfecting solution to the operated region.
7. The doctor provides aftercare and post-care steps including medication, washing of hair and etc.

This whole process takes 1-2 sessions depending on the number of hair grafts inserted. Especially, for a few days, the hair and scalp need protection. Covering the head with a bandana, a cap is required to protect the scalp and hair follicles.

Best FUT Transplant Clinic in Vasai Road:

The FUT hair transplant treatment is ideal for people whose large part of the scalp has gone hair deficient. And Nubello provides reasonable follicular unit transplantation cost in Vasai Road. In addition, FUT hair transplant requires time, accuracy and precision. Get the best Follicular Unit Extraction or FUT hair transplant in Mumbai at Nubello Aesthetics, one of the top hair clinics in Kharghar and Andheri. In fact, Nubello has been doing hair transplants for 8 years with 10K+ happy clients. Indeed, Nubello is one of the best FUT hair transplant in Vasai Road.

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Best FUT Transplant Doctors in Vasai Road:

At Nubello Aesthetics, indeed the doctors provide customized treatment. The FUT hair transplant cost is reasonable and at Nubello, the FUT treatment is as per the needs of the patient. With state of art technology types of equipment, Nubello makes the entire process of FUT hair transplant even more easy and comfortable. In addition, Nubello provides finance option for loans. Similarly, EMI is available for all patients. Nubello Aesthetics is one of the leading hair clinics in Mumbai, providing the best FUT hair transplant in Vasai Road. Follicular unit transplantation is safe, effective and one of the best hair loss treatments. Get a free consultation today with our experts. Get the best FUT hair transplant service in Mumbai.

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