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Hair Transplant Treatments to rejuvenate your hair

Top hair transplant doctors and specialists have always debated about the idea of better hair transplant techniques with comparison to the present hair transplant treatments like FUT (Follicular Hair Transplant) , FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), DHT ( Direct Hair Transplant) or perhaps the newly researched and reputed treatment – Micro SMP (Scalp Micro pigmentation). Research by top doctors in Mumbai and elsewhere cities claim that new techniques in hair care treatments will give astounding and unbelievable results with extremely minimum less recovery time. As the hair transplant technology advances in the coming future, so does the treatment for hair transplant will advance.

And when it comes to Alopecia, specialists are researching on how to treat alopecia but are yet to come up with a solid solution. Natural treatment for alopecia is a healthy way for dealing with it as there are no side effects as compared to other drugs involved in hair care treatments. But though alopecia can be treated at home, hair loss at severe stage can only be treated by a certified hair transplant consultant and surgeon who can find the clues just by looking at the scalp. Top doctors in Andheri, Mumbai and across the globe in a whole confirm with the fact that new treatments in hair transplant is possible with the help of new word class technology and research. Initially people’s reluctance to approach hair transplant treatment has been one of the driving forces among all the researchers to invent new and safe procedures which benefitted the patients in a great way.

Issues related to dandruff have one of the main reasons why hair fall occur. Itching, irritation and what not! Dandruff and hair loss problem is considered as one of the most common scalp disorder issues faced by today’s teen and young men and women. It is a proved fact that keratinocytes plays a crucial role in the generation of immunological reactions while forming dandruff. Dandruff treatment clinics have worked and researched on different causes associated with dandruff and hair infection. Here are some of them.

On an average the human hair density is around 2000 to 2200 hairs per square inch. People lose up to 50-100 hairs from your scalp every day. That’s normal, and in most people, those hairs grow back. But many men and women lose hair as they grow old. Excess of the above numbers, say 500 hairs per day is a scenario where one can start to worry.

Female pattern baldness is a bit different than male pattern baldness. The primary symptoms of female pattern baldness include the following issues:

The lowest-level treatment is light i.e. lasering. If you’ve done any research on balding, you’ve probably been targeted by ads of laser combs. They emit a low-intensity beam meant to stimulate follicles and get them rejuvenated out hair the way they’re meant to. Hair thinning in females is observed mainly on the top and the crown area. Balding starts with the widening of the center hair part.

  • The front hairline remains unaffected in most women which are one of the significant difference between male and female pattern baldness.
  • The hair loss may be acute, but it does not lead to complete baldness of the scalp, as it does in men
  • More hair loss observed during showers and while brushing your hair or through hot ironing of hair.

The below treatments are very widely given to patients suffering from different ailments related to hair loss, hair thinning and hair damage. The newest techniques can blend the hair grafts seamlessly into natural hair of the patient. And, yes off course, they will grow once they get established.

  1. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)
  2. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)
  3. Bio SHT (Short Hair Transplant)
  4. Bio BHT (Body Hair Transplant)
  5. Bio DHT (Direct Hair transplant)
  6. Bio LHT (Long Hair Transplant)
  7. Beard Transplant
  8. Mustache Transplant
  9. Eyebrow Transplant
  10. Eyelash Transplant
  11. Stem cell PEP(Positive Expiratory Pressure)
  12. Bio SMP (Scalp Micro Pigmentation)
  13. Bio Fiber

Though the above treatments warrant safe and effective results to patients, researchers are making every attempt to create new medicines and treatments by which the patients feel extremely safe and sound while opting for a hair transplant treatment. It is not the recovery period which makes patient thinks about while choosing a hair transplant treatment but the time for the accomplished result which makes them question and think about the treatment’s effectiveness.

Celebrities, business persons, people from the showbiz, executives, and professionals every one now opt for hair transplant treatment as it uplifts the look throughout their personality making it one of the favorable choices for all. In the coming decade, it is said that, people all across the globe will lose more hair with more speed than the current levels due to rising globalization and pollution. Now growth and development is one of the prime things which every civilization works towards for a better future, and that is the reason researchers should create innovative treatments which would answer future challenges smoothly.

Why Nubello Aesthetics?

Nubello Aesthetics which has an advanced hair transplantation clinic in Andheri have been innovating techniques and methods beating international standards and approach. In the age of surgical strikes, we help you to strike the hair fall symptoms with hair treatment ranging from Follicular unit Transplantation to Platelet Rich Plasma therapy at the best Hair implantation center in Mumbai. In this tech era of 21st century Nubello Aesthetics has taken a pledge to defeat hair ailments and establish itself as the only hotspot to hair care! There are several hair implantation center and hair transplantation clinics across the globe but what exactly make Nubello different are the precision and world class techniques which can be achieved only after years of experience and sophistication



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