Natural Remedies To Stop Hair Fall

In  today’s day to day life we fall into different different activities we also travel alot  for different causes.

The biggest problem is pollution it affects on our health and beauty too.

Hair loss is the biggest issue in each person. Not only pollution affect your hair it can be genetic or due to hair styling in same manner using chemical products for hair causes hair loss

Now, I am going to share some interesting remedy to stop hair loss

  • Before washing your hair you need to massage your scalp with coconut oil this is all time common and best remedy for hair loss
  • Take 1 tablespoon of aloevera gel, cucumber gel and hibiscus gel in a bowl add some coconut oil and almond oil in it and massage on scalp gently it improves your hair growth hibiscus gel is very nice for graying problem in the hair. Cucumber gel gives smoothness to the scalp it also helps in hair loss problem.

·        You can also try juice of the cucumber it contais  mangnese, silicon, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and sulphur sodium. This is beneficial for hair loss.

·        Proper diet is also need to maintain hair loss.If  you add minerals proteins and carbs, amino acid, calcium in your diet it will give you stamina to work and also some vitamins in the growth of the hair. Good diet and low stress it will improve your health.

Care your hair gently, use suitable products for hair

  • Wash your hair with lukewarm water apply suitable shampoo and massage in circular motion rinse your hair completely after applying shampoo.
  • Then apply conditioner on hair wash off the conditioner nicely
  • Dry your hair with soft towel let it dry naturally.
  • After drying hair comb your hair slowly

Eat in right way, fulfillment of your hidden hunger with fast food doesn’t mean that you are on right diet.

Eat fruits, vegetables and maintain proper balance of diet.

Eat well, sleep well and low stress this is the simplest mantra for hair loss.




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