Want To Know Eyelash Transplant Surgery Procedure? Read Here!

You feel that you have thin and sparse eyelashes. Even eye makeup cannot help you with this problem. Eyelash Transplant surgery is the permanent and best solution. You may find some methods that are not permanent solution for your problem. There are many eye enforcement products available in the market. You can get them. Somehow, you find it difficult to use them. Small and thin eyelashes cannot hold the makeup well. Even applying fall eyelashes is the painful and clumsy process. It gives a fake appearance on your face. However, the Latisse eyelash enhancement solution is the latest technology in the market. You may plan to try it. However, it has some side effects like darkening of the skin around the eyelashes and darkens the iris of eyes permanently. Moreover, these products are not permanent. You need to apply Latisse solution daily. Even it gets off in few months. You should for the eyelash transplant surgery. As it is a stop solution for your thin eyelashes.

Eyelash Transplant Surgery procedure

Some of you have planned to go for the eyelash transplant surgery. Here are the procedures of the surgery that can help you out to know more about the surgery. As you may not know that eyelash transplant surgery is similar to hair transplant surgery. The procedures of the eyelash transplant surgery are as follows:

  • Doctor takes the living hair follicles from the donor.
  • Then the living hair follicles implanted to the patients missing eyelashes.
  • Local anesthesia has given to the patient. After those hair follicles has harvested from the back of the head.
  • Then doctor injects a numbing agent in the scalp. So that donor hair follicles has preserved for the treatment.
  • The hair follicles have taken for the treatment check under the microscope.
  • Eyelid prepared and injected to the patient with help of injectable anesthesia.
  • It is a careful work to transplant the eyelid to the thin eyelashes.
  • Follicles have prepared by the doctor. Doctor transplants it to the patient.
  • Microsurgical technique used for the eyelash transplant.
  • This technique ensures specific placement of the hair follicles.
  • After the healing process gets over, then the hair follicles grow normally.

Expected Results from the eyelash transplant surgery

After the surgery, most of the people feel minimal discomfort and swelling. In fact, they can return to their normal activities after the next day of the surgery. There are chances that new transplant of the hair follicles can shed immediately. After that, there is no new hair growth for several weeks. It is not a situation of worry. As there is time gap between the rest and growth period of the eye lashes. In some cases, there is immediate growth of natural lashes. This differs from person to person. In fact, the case is completely normal among the patients. Finally, if you want permanent solution for eyelash problem is the surgery. Most of you worry by the name of the surgery. This is simple transplant. You need not to worry.

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