Wanted To Know About Long Hair Transplant Procedure? Read Here.

Hair is the latest craze now. However, it is for the people who lost their hair, but for the people who want long hair. They do not have sufficient hair growth. Is hair transplants are safe?  However, it is a common question striking to your mind. As you may or may not know that hair transplant is a surgical process. This involves removal of hair follicles from any side of the body like face or legs and plant the hair on the hair less part. Therefore, this process has used for hair and eyebrows as well. In fact, there are two methods for hair transplant are Strip Harvesting and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Strip harvesting is commonly used transplant now. In strip, harvesting good hair growth transplanted to the balded area. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) roots are manually transplanted in the balded region. FUE have done in single sitting or multiple sittings. It is a manual procedure. More, this is a time consuming procedure. However, you get natural results after the transplant and leaving no scars. Use of latest robotics in the FUE procedure have reduced the time and simplified the procedure.

The steps for the long hair transplant are as follows

  1. Prepare for the hair transplant

The first in the hair transplant is to prepare for the transplant. However, the hair follicles have to place on the balded areas

  1. Trimming of the donor

Next step in the long hair transplant is to trim the hair of the donor. Doctor use latest technology in trimming the hair of the donor so that there are no scars left after the procedure.

  1. Prepare donor area for the surgery

Next thing in the transplant is that doctor prepares the donor for the surgery. In the surgical process, doctor gives local anesthesia to the patient to perform the surgery.

  1. Removal of the tissue from the donor area

After trimming of the hair follicles from the donor head area and then removal of tissue has done. The doctor to remove the tissue performs surgery and donor area is sulutred.

  1. Combine hair over the donor sutured area

Doctor hides the donor’s sutured area from the patients head for the combination. After ten days, sutures have removed from the donor’s head.

  1. Grafting of the follicles from the donor trim hair

After combining the donor sutured area and patients head. Then doctor grafts the follicles of the trim hair of the hair. Then the follicles have prepared to transplant to the patient.

  1. Prepare the bald recipient area

Prepare the bald recipient area for the surgery. Doctor gives local anesthesia for surgical process. No trimming or removal required for the surgery.

  1. Incisions make to the bald areas

During the surgery doctor places the follicle on tiny incisions. Incisions have prepared on the donor’s bald area.

  1. Placing graft to accurate densities

Grafts have to place to the accurate densities so that it should natural. One to two small grafts place forward to the hairline. Others grafts place in the back of the hairline.

  1. Immediate after hair transplant surgery

Tiny incision place looks immediate after the surgery in the patients operated area.







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