What causes premature grey of hair? Find Out Here!

Now premature grey of hair is a common problem. Most of the youth struggles with this problem. Earlier it was a rare problem but now a common problem. Stress is the root cause of grey hair among the youth. You want to prevent the grey hair. You should know a little about it. Melanin is a pigment present in hair. Due to lack of nutrition, illness and stress causes reduction on melanin production.  This in return causes grey hair. After getting grey hair, some of you start using color dyes. You know color dyes consist of ammonia. It is harmful for your eyes and hair. Unfortunately, people use the synthetic dyes. Causes behind premature grey of hair are as follows:

  • Pollution

Pollution is the common issue behind premature grey hair. You need to go out for some work. Outside your hair has to face the dust and harmful particles. This in turn has a bad effect on your hair. However, it causes premature grey of hair. As the hair losses the pigments causes grey hair.

  • Use of Chemical Dyes

You want to have stylish hair. For this, you use artificial colors for your hair. It gives a great look to your hair. However, you think what this can cause in the future. Certainly not, use of chemical dyes is harmful for hair and eyes. Even you can lose your eyesight. Do not risk your health to look stylish. Think before taking any step about your health.

  • Unclean Scalp

Unclean scalp is one of the causes behind premature grey hair. You should clean your scalp regularly. Therefore, you should not the problem of grey hair at an early age. Use proper shampoo and hair conditioner for your hair. The products used by you should suit your hair.

  • Lack of Proper nutrition

You should take proper food. Internal and external care of the body is important. Therefore, it is useful for the growth of your hair. You should include proteins, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates in your diet. This in turn is beneficial for your body and hair.

  • Hormonal Imbalances

You do not know the exact cause behind premature grey hair. This can be hormonal imbalances. In a certain age, our body has some changes. Therefore, for this reason you need to consult doctor. Doctor can give you medicine to control the hormonal imbalances in your body.

  • Consumption of high dosage drugs

You have started consuming high dosage drugs. This can be due to prolonged illness or something else. You find its side effects. It is grey hair at any else age. You should take some cool things. It can reduce the side effects of the medicines from your medicines. You can save yourself from the grey hair.


No one wants grey hair. However, now you get to know about the causes of premature grey hair. You know what you need to do. Protect your hair from harmful pollution and chemical diet. You should eat healthy diet. You should take less stress. Try to make yourself happy.

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