Best Hair Loss Treatment In Vasai Road

Where to find the best Hair Loss Treatment in Vasai Road?

Looking for Hair Loss Treatment In Vasai Road? To begin with, understand what is Hair Loss and the different hair loss treatments used by hair clinics in Mumbai.

What Is Hair Loss?

Hair loss is one of the most rapidly growing problems in the globe. The definition of hair loss depends on its severity. Losing 50-80 strands in a day is normal. New hair keeps grwoing when hair falls, but when there is only hair fall and no hair growth, then hair loss begins. If the number of hair stands begins to fall more so does the risk of abnormality. Hair falls in normal, and as age grows hair fall increases. But with good hair treatments and remedies help in controlling the hair fall. In this article, you will get the following:

  1. The symptoms of hair loss.
  2. What causes hair loss.
  3. Various hair loss treatments.
  4. And the best hair loss treatment in Vasai Road.

Symptoms of Hair Loss:

Here are the various signs and symptoms that the regular hair fall is leading to alarming hair loss. Controlling hair fall and treating hair loss at the initial stages may prevent the person from balding. So here are the signs:

  • Progressive thinning on top of the head.
  • Circular or patchy bald spots.
  • Sudden loosening of hair.
  • Full-body hair loss.
  • Patches of scaling that spread over the scalp.
  • Widening hairline.

Causes of Hair Loss:

Hair loss can appear in countless ways, depending on what is the cause. The hair fall can be sudden or gradual over the years. Sometimes the hair loss is limited to the scalp, and at times on the whole body. Some examples of hair loss are short and temporary which pass by. And there are others, which are permanent. There are various causes of hair loss:

  1. Genetic disorder.
  2. Extreme or unhealthy diet.
  3. Deficiency of iron or calcium.
  4. Side effects of medicines.
  5. Hormonal problems.
  6. Critical or chronic medical conditions.

Various Hair Loss Treatments

As we know hair loss occurs to men and women for various reasons. Nubello has been providing hair treatments for more than 8 years. And we are proud to have given hair loss solutions to 10K clients. We are expert in giving PCOS hair loss treatment, Thyroid hair fall solution, and Alopecia hair loss treatment. We are one of the top hair clinics in Mumbai and the best hair loss treatment in Andheri. Based on the severity of hair loss, the doctors provide different hair treatments. Let us understand what are the various hair loss treatments Nubello focuses on:

  1. Medications: The doctors prescribe Minoxidil and Finasteride for hair loss. Minoxidil is hair lotion to be applied on a daily basis as prescribed by doctors. Finasteride is an oral medication.
  2. PRP Therapy: Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) is one of the efficient hair loss treatment. And in this treatment, the surgeon draws the patient’s blood, processes it and then injects into the scalp. Indeed the PRP injection helps in hair growth.
  3. Hair Transplants: Severe hair loss can lead to balding. Thus balding can be treated with hair transplants. Such as Follicular Unit Extraction, Follicular Unit Transplant, Direct Hair Transplant and Biofibre Hair Transplant.

Best Hair Loss Clinic in Vasai Road:

Get the best hair treatment in Mumbai at Nubello Aesthetics. It is one of the top hair clinics in Kharghar and Andheri. In fact, in 8+ years, Nubello has been providing hair loss solutions to more than 10K happy clients. In fact, Nubello is one of the best hair loss treatment in Mumbai.

Why Nubello Aesthetics?

  • Multiple reputed specialist doctors with 10+ years of experience.
  • More than 20,000 satisfied patients.
  • International State of the art equipment.
  • Above all a customized approach to every patient.

Best Doctor for Hair Loss in Vasai Road:

Nubello has the best dermatologist in Mumbai, providing the best hair loss treatment for women and men across Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. And at Nubello, indeed the doctors provide a customized treatment. In addition, the treatments are as per the needs of the patient. With state of art technology types of equipment, Nubello makes the entire process of hair treatment even more easy and comfortable. Finance option for loans and EMI are available for all the patients.

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