Pityriasis Amiantacea Treatment in Khar Road

What Is Pityriasis Amiantacea? Where to find the best Pityriasis Amiantacea Treatment in Khar Road?

Pityriasis Amiantacea is also known as Tinea Amiantacea. This disease causes highly dense scales. Such as these scales attach to hair and scalp. That is it is one of the complex scalp condition. In fact, it results in hair fall. The scales penetrate and surround the bottom of the scalp. More importantly, the target area for Amiantacea is the scalp. As a result, the asbestos-like dense scales attach to the lower layers. As a result, this condition varies. So that, from localization to covering the entire scalp. However, this condition gets misdiagnosed most of the times. Because of the similarities, often diagnosed as seborrhoeic dermatitis. And at times as psoriasis or lichen planus. However, amiantacea comes with inflammatory conditions. It can occur along with atopic or seborrhoeic dermatitis. In that case, Nubello Aesthetics has expert dermatologists. All in all, it provides the best pityriasis amiantacea treatment in Khar Road.

Pityriasis Amiantacea Causes –

To illustrate, an unhealthy lifestyle, unhygienic and scalp infection causes this disease. Thus, the various scalp conditions, which leads to Tinea Amiantacea are:

  • Scalp psoriasis.
  • Seborrhoeic dermatitis.
  • Atopic dermatitis.
  • Tinea capitis.

Pityriasis Amiantacea Treatment –

For treatment, most of the doctors prefer topical anti-inflammatory and keratolytic treatment. These treatments use topical corticosteroids and salicylic acid 5-10% ointment. The topical mineral oil removes the scales. Clobetasol propionate shampoo is a powerful medication. Silver sulfadiazine cream and topical ketoconazole help kill the infection. In the worst cases, the doctor prescribes antibiotics. One such case is pyogenic infection with Staphylococcus aureus.

  • Organic or mineral oils such as olive oil help in loosing of scales.
  • The doctor prescribes creams and wash-off shampoos. Most of which contain coal tar, salicylic acid and sulphur. All of these assist in reducing inflammation.
  • Frequent courses of steroids are useful for the treatment.
  • Antifungal shampoos such as ketoconazole or ciclopirox.
  • For Tinea Capitis, the doctor prescribes oral antifungal medicines.

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With Nubello’s Pityriasis Amiantacea treatment in Andheri, Amiantacea problem can be uprooted. Nubello clinic in Andheri and Kharghar. It is known for its special attention given to the issue of scalp infections across the city. In fact, Nubello has been in the hair treatment industry for 8 years with 10K+ happy clients. Indeed, Nubello provides the best Pityriasis Amiantacea Treatment in Khar Road.

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Best Doctors for Pityriasis Amiantacea Treatment in Khar Road:

At Nubello Aesthetics, specialist doctors provide customized treatment as per the needs of the patient. With state of art technology equipment, Nubello makes the entire process of Pityriasis Amiantacea Treatment an easy and comfortable one. The finance option for loans and EMI are available for all the patients.

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