Nubello is recognized as one of the best skincare treatment centres in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai. And we offer you the best botox treatment and derma fillers treatment in Navi Mumbai. If you are looking for an anti-ageing solution, desiring for a glowing face, then you have come to the right place. Nubello offers botox and filling treatments. Understanding the difference between derma filling and botox treatment process and the various options Nubello offers the clients will clarify your doubts and present a clear picture of what you will get at the end of the treatment. Recognizing the benefits and areas where botox treatment can be implemented will further refine your queries.


Botox and dermal fillers are cosmetic treatments given through injections and are solutions to anti-aging. These 2 treatments help you look youthful and makes your skin glowing. The few signs of ageing like facial wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and sagging skin can all be fixed with fillers and botox treatment. Understand the main difference between the two will help you choose the right treatment for your needs.

What is Derma Fillers?

Dermal fillers comprise of ingredients which add volume and fullness. Facial regions that have thinned due to aging like cheeks, lips, and around the mouth are the best-suited areas for filler implementation. This is also called as soft tissue fillers. The ingredients are injected beneath the surface of the skin to add volume. Derma Fillers uses

  • Calcium hydroxylapatite, which is a mineral-like compound found in bones.
  • Hyaluronic acid, which is found in some fluids and tissues in the body that add plumpness to the skin.
  • Polyalkylimide, a transparent gel that is compatible with the body.
  • Polylactic acid, which stimulates the skin to make more collagen.
  • Polymethyl- methacrylate microspheres (PMMA), a semi-permanent filler.
Benefits of Derma Fillers

Based on needs, volume each of these substances is used. The effects vary based on these substances and the result lasts from 6 months to 2 years. Depending on the substance, the treatment corrects the following

  • Plump up thinning lips.
  • Intensify shallow regions on the face.
  • Removes the wrinkle and shadows by the lower eyelid.
  • Covers and softens the scars.
  • Removes static wrinkles, especially on the lower face.

Wrinkles around the mouth and along the cheeks are known as the static wrinkles and these are formed because of loss of collagen and elasticity in the skin thus fillers solve softens and reduces the static wrinkles.

Botox Botulinum toxin
Botox Filling Treatment

What is Botox?

Botox is a sublimated structure of the botulinum toxin. This toxic is obtained from bacteria and this toxic is deadly when taken in larger amounts. The tiny, small and regulated amount of Botox injected in the muscle works by blocking nerve signals in the tissues. When those nerve signals are interrupted, the affected muscle is temporarily paralyzed or frozen. When the muscle movement is frozen, wrinkles and fine lines are softened, reduced and at times vanish. Such treatments which use botulinum toxin are sometimes called neuromodulators or neurotoxins.


At Nubello, at first, our trained surgeons administer the region. The region which is to be treated is cleansed with a non-alcoholic for antiseptic. Local anaesthesia in the form of a cream is applied to the region. Our doctor uses a thin needle to inject the small amount of Botox into the muscle. The injections take about 10 minutes and have no downtime afterwards. It takes about 3-4 days for Botox to take effect and in the worse case, it may take 5 days. The next various botox session should be spaced at least 3 months apart. And we expertise in offering the best botox treatment in Mumbai. At Nubello, we assure that you do not face any side effects, however, in cases when the client faces any issue post botox treatment, we provide solutions. Here are some of the Botox Treatment FAQ's asked by clients.

Benefits of Botox

There are many other advantages of botox additional apart from that of reducing anti-aging signs. Nubello offers the best Botox treatment for face in Mumbai and we specialize in face botox treatment. However, there are various alternatives botox is practised for and here is the list:

  • Bladder: Botox injection help in bladder restrictions. Patients with urinary incontinence and muscles spasms in cerebral palsy are treated with botox.
  • Botox treatment for Migraine: Headache or a migraine is caused by stress in your shoulders and neck. Botox can treat these muscles to remain relaxed. It has been extremely successful in reducing headache frequency if you are experiencing migraines for more than two weeks a month.
  • Excessive sweating: Botox injections seal the pores and paralyze over-active sweat glands, thus controls sweating.
  • Botox for Hair: Hair Botox is a deep conditioning treatment that coats hair fibres with a filler, such as keratin. The treatment fills in any broken or thin areas on each hair strand to make the hair appear more full and lustrous.
  • Wrinkles: Botox injection cosmetically removes wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles. Botox is injected into muscles, where it blocks nerve impulses to those tissues. It relaxes the facial muscles that cause wrinkles such as forehead furrows, crow’s feet and frown lines between the eyebrows. And Nubello expertise in offering the best botox treatment for face in Mumbai.

Key Difference between Botox Treatment and Derma Fillers


Botox freezes muscles to stop creases and wrinkles caused by facial expressions. These are typically found in the upper face, such as the forehead and around the eyes.

And Derma fillers use hyaluronic acid and similar substances to fill in or plump areas that have lost volume and smoothness. This includes wrinkles around the mouth, thin lips, and cheeks that have lost fullness. They may also be used on forehead wrinkles, scars, and other areas that need extra volume for a smoother look.


Botox results last 3 to 4 months. Dermal filler results vary, depending on the substance used for filling.


Nubello Aesthetics is a certified and acclaimed cosmetic treatment in Navi Mumbai. Our success stories speak for our reputation which we have earned through years of experience and hard work. Face surgery and cosmetic centre across the globe have adopted many parameters related to the usage of techniques and methods. Nubello Aesthetics have gone one step ahead and included the parameter related to technology that has been and will be used for face related treatments. Nubello offers the best botox treatment in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.
Nubello’s anti-aging clinic in Navi Mumbai is known for its cutting edge technology and apparatus. So please take this opportunity and get in touch with us for your queries and issues or perhaps walk down to our centre so that we could give you a perfect and customized solution!