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Pigmentation is one of the most common skin problem faced by today’s youth across the globe. The presence of deep frown lines or crow's feet usually gives jitters to people when they see it for the first time on their beloved skin. Everyone wishes and desires for a spotless, clean and glowing skin. But usually, age factors combined with hormones and genes factors play a mess with the expectations and raise the ugly head of pigments across the skin. Women mostly have faced issues of pigmentation like freckles (light brown spots), Melasma (after childbirth pigmentation), dark spots, photo aging, dark circles (usually from age, stress, allergy and dry skin). The cosmetics industry have struggled quite some time to find a one and only wholesome solution but have always been left with certain health and treatment deficits.
Nubello has mastered a innovative technique on finding a noble and effective solution on pigmentation called as Q Stop Treatment.


  • Birthmarks are one of the many forms of pigmentation. The brown birthmarks are usually caused due to pigmented cell clusters.
  • One of the fun fact is that when you come across an age spot don't mistake it for it being an age spot (caused by age).It is because of sun damage.
  • Heavy deposits of melanin in one single spot on the skin are known as freckles. But the fun fact is, they are not genetic in nature, but are triggered by sunlight either harsh or mild.
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Causes of Skin Pigmentation

  • Though the causes of pigmentation have been in debate since ages, the main reason due to which pigmentation occurs is due to hormonal imbalance.
  • Sunlight i.e. UV rays has also been credited to be the most common cause for pigmentation.
  • Genetic causes are one of the many factors responsible for pigmentation.
  • Melanin is the main component which decides the color of the skin of a person based on its amount in skin. The darkness of a skin is due to presence of melanin in one's body or skin. Skin which is responsible for protecting and covering the entire body is known for its smooth texture and thickness. Paucity of melanin also is a setback for the quality of skin which ultimately leads to pigmentation.
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Pigmentation treatment procedure

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Nubello follows an extensive and fully integrated method from advising the individuals by doctors and experts to use sunscreens (if the pigmentation is from sun rays) or a skin toner (if it is just a mild pigmentation or a dark spot). Further, the customization is as per the age, gender and skin type of the person.

The latest FDA approved Q laser technology is referred to the person when the pigmentation is in an advanced stage and when the skin toners don't work.

Our Nubello experts carry out the procedure with utmost care and precision with no scars. The years of experience in laser field have only made Nubello a master and leader in this technology. The experts also suggest moisturizers, night cream and a good amount of beta carotene in your diet such as carrots, greens etc to make the sun look flawless and wholesome. Nubello expertises in offering the best face treatment in Navi Mumbai.