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Acquiring the perfect shape and figure is everyone’s dream. The sedentary lifestyle has given us tummy, huge hips, double chins, flabby muscles and excess fat on the thighs. If you are looking to get your body shaped, lose the excess fat, improve your overall health and fitness, then you are at the right place! Nubello Aesthetics, located in Andheri provides the best weight loss treatment in Mumbai. Nubello has been in the industry for the past 8 years, with more than 10K happy clients. We expertise in body shaping and toning, spot reductions, fat loss, skin tightening, along with weight reduction programs.
There are various reasons for weight gain and diagnosing the correct factors for weight gain is very important in any weight loss treatment process. At Nubello Aesthetics, the patient is tested for hormonal imbalance and lifestyle consultation is provided. Based on the medical results, a diet plan along with the right weight-loss treatment is prescribed.

The best way is to measure your weight and use the Body Mass Index (BMI calculator). Height and bone weight plays a significant role in a person's appearance along with weight. Any person with BMI over 25, needs to reduce weight as the person is over weight. And a person with BMI 30 or more is considered as obese.

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What are the reasons for the wrong weight gain?

There are many reasons why a person is gaining weight and becoming obese. There are genetics, hormonal influences on body weight gain, but unhealthy eating, bad lifestyle and medical condition contribute to obesity.

  • Inactivity: If a person is less active and eats more than he can burn leads to fat storage. The sedentary lifestyle, no exercise is the main cause in belly fat.
  • Unhealthy diet: The body needs 1300Kcal per day, but very few eat in the limit. Processed foods, sweetened drinks, sugary food, fried items have become part of daily life. Weight gain is inevitable if a person eats more calories than required and doesn't burn them with physical activities.
  • Genetics: Children of obese parents are more likely to be obese. Genetics play an important role in obesity, but major effects are due to excessive eating and less physical activities.
  • Thyroid: In the case of hypothyroidism, low levels of thyroid hormones lead to weight gain.
  • Insulin: Insulin is a very important hormone in the body. This regulates energy storage. High insulin levels and insulin resistance causes energy to get stored in fat cells, thus contribute to weight gain.

Weight Loss Treatments at Nubello

  • Excess Weight: A person who is obese and has a BMI >= 25. Looking to lose weight quickly. Nubello provides obesity and overweight treatment.
  • Body Shaping: A person who is looking for body shaping. Fat storage can vary from person to person. Body toning and correct shape and figure are extracted from weight-loss surgeries.
  • Spot Reduction: People who want to reduce certain inches of fat from tummy, thighs, buttocks, arms, and face require weight loss treatment.
  • Medical Conditions: People suffering from diabetes, thyroid, PCOD, blood pressure needs weight loss treatments.
  • Skin Tightening: Person who is looking for skin firming and tightening. The lagging muscles can be treated with cellulite reduction program.
Weight Loss Explained By Our Expert Dr. Komal
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The various Weight loss treatments offered at Nubello

Hifu treatment for weight loss:

Non-Surgical treatment for weight loss which is highly safe and effective. With an intelligent design, it is a path-breaking technique. In this process, thermal energy concentrated at high temperatures (temp. from 65 to 75 degrees) is used on body parts. It smoothens wrinkles giving the best results.

The procedure starts by cleaning the fat area with ultrasound gels after which the machine is applied to the interface. Certain standard disinfectants are used to probe the needed cotton pad with alcohol. After that, the actual treatment starts. After the procedure, the results can surprise people with unbelievable looks.

Laser Lipolysis for weight loss:

Laser Lipolysis better known as 'laser lipo' is a non-invasive treatment for weight loss where fats of double chins and saddlebags are taken care of. It not only burns fat but reduces fat in areas where fat is quite difficult to burn. A traditional method such as liposuction treatment stands nowhere in front of laser Lipo. This is known for its perfect and painless weight loss method.

Just like butter starts melting when it gets exposed to hot temperature, the fat in body melts in that similar manner. Just like a suction pipe, the fat is reduced to nil and the results are definitely path-breaking and surprising.

U-Lipo treatment for weight loss:

This is one of the best non-surgical weight loss treatment. The process is safe and painless way of reducing fat in a very convenient way (close to only 1 to 1.5 hr of treatment). U-Lipo treatment is one amongst the many original and signature treatments done by Nubello Aesthetics exclusively for weight loss.

Radio Frequency (RF) for weight loss:

This method is often used by doctors who have excessive fat on their bodies. It involves applying controlled heat on your fat cells, causing them to die without affecting the surrounding muscle or skin. Before the treatment, and post-treatment the patient is asked not to drink and smoke. The patient will be advised to avoid dehydrating activities. No strenuous physical activities like aerobics and power yoga. The patient needs to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water 2-3 days before and post the RF treatment.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) for weight loss:

This method of muscle recovery is growing in popularity in recent times. EMS works by attaching equipment to the skin that sends an electric current to a specific muscle. This causes the muscles to contract, relieving discomfort and pain. For athletes, the technology is frequently used to speed muscle fiber repair, and cutting down fat.

Weight Loss Treatments at Nubello

Nubello has been in the weight loss and slimming industry for the past 8 years. And we are proud to have more than 10k happy clients for weight loss and fat loss services. We specialize in U-Lipo, laser liposuction treatment, RF, and EMS weight loss treatments. The various types of equipment used in these services are approved by the health ministry. Your money is very important for us, Nubello provides easy EMI options and 0% interest, with free consultation.