Butt Implants and Buttock Augmentation Surgery

Overview-Butt Implants and Buttock Augmentation Surgery

As you know, that Butt implant is a popular surgery. However, this surgery is for those people who want to enhance the appearance of the shape and size of their rear ends. In this surgical process, patients have undeveloped buttocks can get better shape with the butt implant. Mostly are not happy with their buttocks. With the female butt implant, they get the perfect shape of their buttocks. In fact, males have undeveloped buttocks. With the male butt implant, they can enhance the shape of the area of their buttocks. After the butt implant, many patients come up with positive responses. Clothes fit them better after the butt implant.

Who is suitable for Butt Implant?

You are planning to go for the butt implant. Firstly, consult the doctor you are suitable for the implant or not. Then you should make plans further. Person above 18 years of age with good physical health is suitable for the butt implant. At the time of initial consultation, you should discuss with your surgeon about your desire needs and expected results of the surgery. Seek of the advice of the cosmetic surgeon who has experience in both male and female butt surgery.

Butt Implant Procedure

Butt implant procedure requires two to three hours. In fact, the period of the surgery depends on the following factors:

  • Physician experience in the butt implants surgery.
  • Technology used at the time surgery.
  • Patient has anatomy during surgical procedure.

Doctor makes the incision where the cheek meets the back of thigh. Therefore, the scars are not visible after the surgery. Implants can place above or below muscles for males and females. Surgery confirms the surgery has completed when the cheek looks natural after the implant. After the implant, the patient feels low for few days. It takes time to recovery after the surgery.

Butt Implants-Benefits

The benefits of butt implants are as follows:

  • Butt implants are safe for males and females.
  • Butt implants have no risk of fat reabsorption.
  • In fact, the fat injections uses in the implants have no side effect.
  • Butt implants are useful to increase the volume for the women who are not happy with their butt size.
  • This implant gives proper shape to the butt of males and females.
  • Butt augmentation does not allow the patient has left with fat deposit at the donation site.

Butt Implant-Risks

Risks associated with Butt are as follows:

  • Butt implant comes with risk and complications.
  • There are chances of bleeding or muscle damage.
  • Butt implants place above the sitting area in males and female. It can cause risk of shifting.
  • Patient may feel stretch in the tissues after the butt implant surgery.
  • There is a rare chance of implant rupture.
  • Improper cleaning of incision area can cause infection.


You are not happy with your butt size. Therefore, you can find a cosmetic surgeon near you. Person who takes the advice of the doctor seriously can get the desire shape and size of their butt.


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