How To Treat Your Hair And Feet During Winter

It is common us that we neglect to care hand and feet of our body.  In fact, this does not matter how beautiful you look.  Rough hands and cracked feet take away all your good looks and charm. Sometimes people commit the biggest beauty mistake when they turn away from caring their hands and feet. However, it is essential to take of your hands and feet to make them look beautiful. Somehow, it is a awkward situation when the skin of your hands and feet looks darker than your face. Home based remedies play an important role in making your hands and feet look beautiful. Even, you need not to rush to the market to get expensive beauty products. In fact, you can get the materials easily at home. You decide to take the home based remedies for your hands and feet.

Best home based tips to treat your hands and feet during winter are as follows:

  • Take care of your armpits to avoid body odor

Armpits are more prone to body odor and fungal infection. You should make the use of nice anti bacterial soap in summers and winters. Apply the soap in your armpits when you take bath. Make your armpits hair free. Do not forget to use deodorant.

  • Care for your elbows

Most of you neglect the care for your elbows. Due this reason, your elbows look darker than other parts of the body. What can you do for your elbows? You need take a scrubber and scrub your elbows twice in a week. Therefore, you can get rid of the dirt and germs that make your elbow look darker. Make the use of coconut oil and mustard oil to take care for your elbows.

  • Use sunscreen and moisturizers

You encounter with red rashes and roughness on your hands and feet. Therefore, you can use sunscreen and moisturizer for your hands and feet. Apply the sunscreen with high SPF value. Sunscreen with SPF 30+ is best for your skin.

  • Care for your arms

Arms define the overall beauty of your body. Dry and rough arms over shadow your beauty. This does not matter how the beautiful is your face. However, you want to look beautiful so you need to work on your hands and feet. Beautiful arms enhance the beautiful of your face. You feel confident with the beauty of your arms.

  • Knees

As you, all know that knees need special care. Regular scrubbing of your knees make your knees look beautiful. With bad knees, you need to avoid your short dresses. You want to wear your favorite dress so you need to have spotless knees.

  • Put your feet in hot water

One of the best way to care of your feet, you can put your feet in lukewarm water. However, this is the easy way to fight with pollution, dust and tiredness. You feel relax when you put your feet in lukewarm water. More, this enhances the blood circulation of your feet. The best of this procedure is that this makes your feet look beautiful.

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