Boost Your Hair Care Regime This New Year

You know that New Year is approaching. Now, 5 days have left for 2017. After the 5 days are over, we have to welcome 2018. In 2017 you have takes care for your hair. Beautiful hair enhances your personality. You should see the condition of your hair. Every one of us think whether to oil our hair or not. Mom advises to oil your hair.  While, you ask your hairdresser, she suggests you about the different type of shampoos and conditioners. Somehow, you are in a state of confusion. Before you pick up anything, relate to hair. You can check some of the best tips below for your hair care regime this New Year.

  • Focus on the food best for your hair

External and Internal care are important for your hair. It is the initial step for your hair care. However, you should prefer those food items in your diet that are beneficial for your hair like amla. You should try to include the iron rich food items like leafy vegetables, pumpkin, seeds, soya beans and cereals in your diet. Even the doctor advises to take 12mg iron daily. However, it is essential to proteins in your diet to strengthen your hair. Food items that are major source of proteins and amino acids are milk, soy, yogurt, peas etc.

  • Deep Conditioning

However, you use conditioners for your hair after every wash. Sometimes it does not work well your hair.  You need deep conditioning for your hair. You have done with washing your hair. Use towel to squeeze out excess water and dry your hair. Then use the conditioner and massage it in the scalps. Use finger give gentle massage. You can make the use of broad toothed comb to make sure that the conditioner reaches to every part of your hair.  Leave the conditioner for 10 minutes. Pull them down and wash your hair with water. Now, you can get your gorgeous hair back.

  • Homemade hair masks

Homemade remedies are the most preferred to get shiny and beautiful hair. However, you can save your money and time. There are different types of hair masks available that are useful for your hair is:

  • Olive Oil, Coconut and Egg

This hair mask is useful to speed up your hair growth. You need to warm up 2 teaspoon of coconut oil, leave it to be cool. Mix it with 2 eggs and 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Then apply it to your hair.

  • Egg Curd and Mustard Oil

You are fighting with the issues of dry hair. Then I have best solution for you. This is the mask with Egg Curd and Mustard oil. You have to collect Egg Curd and Mustard oil. Mix them in require quantity according to your hair. Do you know? Eggs are rich in fatty acids, Vitamin A, B 12, D and E and protein. Proteins are useful to provide strength to your hair and shine.


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